4 Best Mixers for Bourbon, According to Bartenders

It takes a bit of grit to drink bourbon neat, room temperature and without any ice. Many bourbons – enjoyed straight – boast subtly sweet and smoky flavor profiles with notes of vanilla and caramel. But if you’re looking for a new way to enjoy bourbon, you’ve come to the right place. Our network of […]

Booze Your Own Adventure: Crafting Cocktails at Home

classic cocktails made using Flying Ace Straight Bourbon Whiskey and bar tools

The adventurous choose Flying Ace. Those who are endlessly curious, go beyond expectation, and embrace new challenges. These folks accept risks, even in their cocktail-making. Ready to bring the bar home and start a cocktail-crafting adventure of your own? Included in this blog are essential barware items you’ll need to get started, as well as […]

Destination-Inspired Drinks for Travel Enthusiasts

destination-inspired drinks

You can’t always be on vacation and travel wherever and whenever you want…or can you? These destination-inspired drinks will take you on an adventure with just one sip. Whether you want to go to Hawaii, Tokyo, Morocco, or farther – these destination-inspired drinks will give you the taste of adrenaline you’ve been looking for. Try […]

Adventures in Whiskey: 5 Spicy Cocktails with a Kick

spicy cocktails

The addition of heat to any cocktail is invigorating and adds an element of surprise to a whiskey experience. The five spicy cocktails included in this blog offer a flavorful kick for the adventurous, cunning, and bold. So, here they are: the five spicy cocktails that are guaranteed to test your limits.  Flying Ace Michelada […]

Après Ski Cocktails Paired with the Most Gnarly Ski Runs Across America

apres ski cocktails

It’s fresh powder and après ski season in mountain towns across America. The best apres ski parties happen at the bottom of ski runs that make you earn your turns, like the ones included in this blog. If you like taking shots with a group of slope slayers, here are some of our favorite après […]

6 Adventurous Cocktails Inspired by American Mavericks

Adventurous Cocktails

Flying Ace is a craft spirit for mavericks: the adventurous, the cunning, and the bold. The individuals who enjoy our bourbon chart their own course and forge their own path – and they enjoy bourbon that is expertly blended and undeniably smooth. If you enjoy the unconventional and unorthodox – and you have a penchant […]

5 Bold Whiskey Cocktails for Scaling a Mountain

bold whiskey cocktails

The call of the mountains is a fierce one, and after you scale the summit it’s high time for a celebratory beverage. While we are always ready to drink Flying Ace Straight Bourbon Whiskey neat, we also believe that bold whiskey cocktails can bring adventurous and independent souls together in a unique way. Enjoy our […]

5 Classic Cocktails with Straight Bourbon Whiskey

straight bourbon whiskey

We are committed to quality when it comes to our spirits, which is why our favorite way to enjoy Flying Ace Straight Bourbon Whiskey is neat. Our bourbon whiskey is aged for a minimum of three years and proudly bottled in Michigan. Flying Ace was inspired by generations of American aviators who were committed to […]